BalasarDragonborn / Paladin
An alien being in a green chaotic world. In Balic no one understand what they are or where they come from, but one day he and his sister just arrived to the city. People, and especially the city guards were carefully at a start. But they remained calm and eventually proved to be great combatant and were trained to help protecting the city that they come to consider as their home. He was chosen to join the group due to his strength and resilience.

BeiroHuman / Warlord
He has been living in the city for a long time and signed up for military training for the adventure and challenge. His tactical mind quickly became renowned in the city and he rose through the ranks quickly. But he is still too young to command his own unit, and needs to gain combat experience before this can happen. This is and his tactical ability is the reason he was invited to the group. The fame he has received from his accomplishments has made him bull-headed, he is that certain in his own ability.

CassiHuman / Fighter
She left the simple tasks of a woman for the battlefield. Her father desperately wanted a strong son to help him at his forge, but got a daughter and lost his beloved wife during childbirth. He blamed her for it, and to prove herself she went to combat training. She might have left the tasks of an ordinary woman and entered a man’s world, but through the tough exterior there is a woman inside.

He’anElf / Seeker
A tall elf born as far as you can tell in the woods. She is a master with the bow and her shots rarely misses, even through deep brushes the tip of the arrows somehow finds their target. She says she is one with nature, nurturing it as it nurtures and helps her. You can see her speaking to the trees or small animals as you go your way, but you mostly think she is crazy.

Mi’shannDragonborn / Sorceress
The sister of Balasar, but somewhat less talkative. She looks up to her brother, but as he is usually busy talking with the other fighters, she tries to talk to the other girls instead. She is curious to all new things she is confronted with, like the talks of spirits and goddesses, but she has problems grasping how things work in this world.

RegdanHuman / Cleric
The appointed leader of the group and the oldest in the group. He is not very quick on his feet, but he has wisdom and experience that surpasses what all of you have combined. But he is not always as wise as he might think, he makes mistakes but blames it on the others while it is his head that is the faulting factor, not grasping the whole situation.

TravokDwarf / Barbarian
A small man with a big mouth, like most dwarves. But dwarves in the city is not very common, most work in the mines or by the forest as woodcutters. He is fierceful in battle and seems to enjoy slicing through each and every enemy you meet. After each fight he brags about his accomplishments and often can go through a whole battle in detail from memory, and seems to enjoy that almost as much as the battle itself.


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